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> On video games..has anyone tried Heavy Gear 2? I know the gears are
> smaller then MS, but I tuned up a gear with a heavy autocannon, hand
> grenades and a heat hawk (vibroaxe) and named him "Zaku". Add some jump
> jets and you're a regular Zeon pilot! If someone could make some custom
> skins for this game, it would be the most Gundam-like game I think. And
> that includes my experience playing the Japanese Playstation game "Zeta
> Gundam" which was pretty good. The way the gears "skate" when using
> their secondary movement looks like the idea was taken right from
> Gundam.
> -Brian

I think the whole idea of HEavy Gear is stolen form Votoms(spelling?) .
e.g:the head/cockpit, the weapons, the wheels/tracks on feet so the gear can
skate. They just updated the design so that it is more gundam-looking. I
never saw the series, is it worth watching?

BTW, has anyone tried Omega boost? This game is pretty cool, but it is
extremely boring. Lock on, missles fired, another target. They should make a
gundam game like this. hmm... a 3D "Project V" from SFC


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