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Fri, 13 Aug 1999 12:30:52 -0700

I had assembled the basic mecha of the MG Gundam Mk-II (Titans version)
when it first came out, and left the backpack unfinished and did not put
together any of the weapons or accessories until last night. Boy, did its
perceived quality drop more than a few letter grades.

The mecha by itself was awesome - a vast improvement over previous MG Gundam
kits, especially when compared to the original MG RX-78-2. The only real
gripe I had was that the arms could have used a little more freedom of
movement in the shoulder area. However, after I finished putting together
the weapons and other accessories, things started to change.

- Bazooka:

  The Mk-II couldn't really rest the barrel of the bazooka on its shoulder
  for a firing pose. Instead, it is best carried under the armpit like they
  show you in the photo in the center page of the assembly manual. That
  was no biggie, however, when compared to the balancing problems when the
  bazooka is carried on its butt. Since the rear end of the bazooka has a
  big clip, you need to push the bazooka to the other direction all the way
  so as to make it more balanced. Even then the bazooka can still tilt
  on the rear end, making the bazooka look crooked and not properly carried.

- Beam Rifle:

  The rear end of the rifle was a bit too long so the Mk-II could not hold it
  with both hands without significantly dropping the entire beam rifle to
  the cockpit's level, thus it is impossible to line up the rifle's scope
  with the Mk-II's eyes.

- Shield:

  This kit has some of MG GP-02A's "heavy shield" problem. The shield
  clips on to the arm of the Mk-II so the problem wasn't as bad, but due to
  the weight of the shield, the arm can have a hard time maintaining a
  pose as the shield tends to weigh down the arm. Also the "two button"
  system used for the shield's retraction/extension system is based around
  tiny holes without polycap's benefit, so it is only a matter of time
  before they wear out.

- Beam saber storage:

  The beam saber storage on top of the backpack could have used some
  recess to hold in the saber handle. The way it is now, you need to
  incline the storage backwards so the handle would rest on it. If you set
  the storage at 90 degrees (perpenticular) to the ground, the handle tends
  to lean forward, thus not resting properly on the storage.

- Headset vulcan:

  The headset vulcan unit may require you to detach the backpack in order
  to install onto the head. I was able to do it without removing the
  backpack, but it wasn't pretty when I tried. Once installed, the headset
  limits the head movement of the Mk-II.

- LOOSE joints all over:

  This problem did not manifest itself until I started mounting the extra
  bazooka clip and the beam rifle to the side skirt armors. The polycaps
  on the body was, I suspect, designed to hold only as much weight as the
  side skirt armor itself. When the bazooka clip is mounted (which by the
  way is mounted loosely and does not clip on sufficiently to prevent it
  from falling all over the place if you start moving the mecha) it has a
  tendency to make the side skirt armor fall off. The beam rifle on the
  other hand doesn't do this as much although it should have been a heavier
  piece than the bazooka clip.

  The problem with loose joints was also responsible for the arm not able to
  maintain a pose when a shield is affixed to it, and how the butt-clip does
  not hold the bazooka tightly enough (the bazooka merely hangs on it, the
  top should have been able to clamp down for a snug-fit. Compared to the
  MG Zaku II, the MG Mk-II feels like a boneless slug.

Hope this helps if you are making a decision on MG kit purchases, or is
planning to build the MG Mk-II.


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