Dennis (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:20:59 +0100

According to "Mecha Domain", "La Cairum" can support 8 MS and the other
Crepp class Cruisers can support only 4. Therefore 4*4+8=24MS only?? I
dont believe it, I am sure they had more in the movie (OK there are some
MS which belong to Luna 2. eg. not Londo Bell's) Can anyone check it out
for me? How can they go toe-to-toe with Neo-Zion, according Nightingale
they had 11 ships with up to 50MS (4*11 + Reyulura's)?? They also
manage to wreak most of the Musaka as well?? Amuro took one down with
the nuke and tha'ts all I remember. The EFSF came much later and had
nothing to do with the battle, they went for the Axis straight away,

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