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Gundam Silhouette, the house rules to simulate combat in Gundam using Dream
Pod 9's Silhouette Tac/RPG game engine, is currently offline. I do have a
new server at my disposal, but I'm not putting anything back up until it has
been thoroughly revised. Unfortunately, despite a wonderful (and massive)
playtest at a local con this past spring, GunSil has fallen very low on my
priority list, so this may take some time. I originally had a target date of
Sep 1 for the GunSil relaunch, but I'm way behind schedule, and when school
starts again, chances are GunSil will take an even further back seat :/

Thanks or the interest, though. I will certainly make it known to the Gundam
and gaming public-at-large when GunSil returns...

-scott \\

>Subject: Re: [gundam] Ships in 1YW
>Date: Thu, Aug 12, 1999, 3:58 PM

>In a message dated 8/12/99 10:26:04 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
> writes:
>> If by Gwaden, you mean the Gwazin-class battleship...
>> The Zeon Gwazin-class battleship breaks out as follows...
>> Length: 440 m
>> Weight: 108,100 t
>> Armament: 3 dual main guns, 10 duel secondary guns, 155mm defense
>> machineguns
>> MS capacity: 20-24
>> The Federation Magellan-class battleship...
>> Length: 327 m
>> Armament: 7 dual main guns, various defense laser cannons and missile
>> launchers
>> MS capacity: none
>> In my Gundam Silhouette gaming system, the Gwazin ends up with a Combat
>> Value of about 150% that of the Magellan. Though it has fewer main guns,
>> they are much larger. The secondary guns are almost as large as the
>> Magellan's main guns. Overall, the Gwazin is a good chunk more massive (35%
>> longer and with a broader shape). On top of that, it is newer, most likely
>> developed only a few years before the war, unlike the Federation fleet,
>> which IIRC was constructed during the 60s. And of course, much of its
>> strength lies in its MS wing, up to 24 strong.
>> Other relevant GunSil stats:
>> Gwaz Magl
>> Armor: 55 35
>> Maneuver: -6 -5
>> Main Gun damage: 14 11
>> -scott \\
>Was that your web site that had the Gundam to Silhouette rules? If so, where
>is it, you moved it on me. If not, do you have any idea where it went to and
>to find it again?
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