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> How many ships did Neo-Zion have?

I don't have the total numbers of the ships, but from
the official "Char's Counterattack: Data Collection"
reference book, a total of 11 "Musaka" class light
cruiser were known to exist in the Neo-Zeon force.
That, plus Char's own "Reyulura" class battle command
ship, and all other transports and small ships, etc.,
made it an effective force to strike the corrupt and
unprepared Earth Federation.

> Rondo Bell only had 4-5 ships, isn't it unfair??

Londo Bell was set up by the Feds to suppress any
insurgency by the spacenoids and to hunt down the
remnants of the former Zeon rebels, but they were also
suspected by the Feds' bureaucrats, knowing that
newtypes like Amuro served in Londo Bell cannot be
fully trusted; Therefore, Londo Bell, without further
support by the Feds, was fighting a lone war against
Char's Neo-Zeon in "CCA".

> I have tried hard to look for anything about Gundam
> in English in Hong Kong. How come all of you know
> English terms for MS or characters?

Be sure to visit Burke Rukes' "Mecha Domain":

and the renowned "The Gundam Project":

where you will find many useful infos and English
names of Gundam charcters and mechas.

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