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> Mark Simmons surfaces briefly for another broadside:
> > Recently, Gundam 0083 the Movies claimed that Anaheim had three
> >distinct development teams on the Gundam Development Project. One did
> >GP01 and GP01Fb, one did the GP03S, and a third - packed with Zeonic
> >veterans - did the GP02A. This latter team, quoth the book, also
> >on the canceled GP04.

Now this puts a whole new spin on things. This explains how Delaz knew
the GP-02A and when it was going to be armed. Sure you had the spy,
who was depicted in the show, but this explains a few of the pecularities
came up in the show. Number 1 is why the GP02A looks so sinister. I can
understand the need to have those massive vents and the heavier armor for
the head, but there had to be a way to utilize it without giving the
such an evil looking face. Then there is the whole matter of Gato being
to pilot the Gundam with absolutely no problems as to the layout. I
that Gato is an ace pilot and can fly anything, but there is the fact
that will be
differences in layouts between a strictly Fed design and partially Zeonic
design. If the whole team is in on it, and taking pointers from Delaz,
they will
design the cockpit such that any Zeonic pilot could step in and have full
functionality without any problems. Best example I can give would be to
take a Russian pilot of a Sukoi SU-27 (or SU-29, the last one) and stick
in a F-15E Eagle cockpit. Sure, the pilot would know how to fly the F-15E
(especially since the two fighters have the same basic fight envelope),
even discounting the language difficulties, the Russian pilot would have
slight difficulties find certain controls, like the master arm switch,
or flares. Gato had no such difficulties in using the GP02A, which means
the cockpit layout was the same as a Zeonic suit, or he had a detailed
map of the cockpit.

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