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On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Dennis wrote:
> hey look i m sorry n i dont mean it but i dont get it........... is
> this a ML?????? everyone taking a mickey out of each other....... plz
> stop!!! if in the future anyone find things offense then mail the
> person n tell him..... not everyone else!!!!! but i find things like
> this silly..... it never used to like this when mark, probe etc.... were
> here.....
> i know this is nothing to do with gundam....... i hope people get it n
> dont get offending by little-non-intentional stuff.... we r humans not
> beancurd.......

Oh boy, here we go again.

Personally, I think all the hang-ups with _words_ a particularly
"American" thing. I think most ppl are smart enough to see that the
"Japs" in your original post is just a shortform rather than an insult.
Of course it's good to be aware that shortforms like "Jap", "Chink" and
"Niggers" were invented in eras of racial oppression. But it's like the
word "fuck", the word by itself should be considered harmless, you really
should look carefully at what the person is saying and what the person's
viewpoint is. To focus on a word is to miss out on the infinite subtlety
of language. The perfect example is the word "Yanks", it's used both
positively and negatively (but rarely neutrally). Everyone on South Park
make fun of Kyle just by using a regular word "Jew". CNN demonizes the
whole Chinese race day in and day out using perfectly respectable

I have this conspiracy theory that the skinheads and Nazis secretly
tricked a bunch of good-natured folks into this whole Politically
Correctness to divert ppl's attention from real racial issues. There's a
huge amount of PC in America and the only group that wins is lawyers.
It's also the only developed country where people regularly get shot for
being a Jew or a Black or an Asian. (Actually Germany, Britian and France
are all inching to that direction too).

Now where was I? :)

Oh! Relax! Don't worry be happy. You join a few MLs (or BBSes in older
days), you see all kinds of people. If you worry about every word that
was said on the GML, you'd get a high blood pressure (and thoroughly
confused). Honestly, even at the lowest point, the GML is rather gentle.
The flamewars are more like warm breeze. Sometimes it's fun to watch ppl
bash each other and themselves, sometimes you can delete 20 posts at a
time w/o reading them. After all, the GML is just a fun diversion,
somewhere below taking care of my site, which itself is a low priority
thing in my life.

The sky is not falling.

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