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Mark Simmons surfaces briefly for another broadside:

> Weighing in one last time on the subject of the Gerbera Tetra/GP04...
>> The likeliest scenario is that, prior to her visit to payoff Layzner for
>> the MA-06 Val Varo, Cima also made a deal with O'Sullivan to complete the
>> GP04 for her. O'Sullivan couldn't use any of the AE Gundam team for this,
>> because they'd've recognized it immediately and, like Nina, were presumably
>> too straitlaced or honest to go along with such a thing. He therefore
>> turned to the former Zeon engineers to complete the MS in secret
> The mobile suit was designed by former Zeon engineers in the first
>place. Remember, Anaheim got into the mobile suit business in the first
>place by absorbing the Zeonic Co. after the war. Many of Anaheim's MS
>designers are thus Zeonic veterans, which explains why they produce
>things like the Hizack, Marasai, and Rick Dias in Zeta.
> Recently, Gundam 0083 the Movies claimed that Anaheim had three
>distinct development teams on the Gundam Development Project. One did the
>GP01 and GP01Fb, one did the GP03S, and a third - packed with Zeonic
>veterans - did the GP02A. This latter team, quoth the book, also worked
>on the canceled GP04.
> According to every reference I've seen, it was Anaheim's own engineers
>who gave the Gerbera Tetra its final appearance. In essence, when the
>Federation dropped the project, they simply completed the mobile suit
>according to their own Zeonic preferences - after all, they no longer had
>to dress it up like a Gundam, did they? Thus, no modifications were
>needed to render it suitable for Cima.


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