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<< Hey guys I just have a simple clarification question for anyone who
 gets to see Turn A in Japan. I know there is that one site doing English
 synopses, but they tend to be rather inconsistent with their English
 translations. Therefore I am trying to translate their synopsis into
 English. My question is in reference to the beginning of Episode 6. The
 site describes it like this:
>>On the other hand, Militia was doing the operation of capturing Diana. In
 the town, Militia interrupt MS Sumo reach to Diana. Gwen explained to Diana
 that some of Militia is out of control of Gwen. And he decided to walk to
 castle. When the Sumo with Harry Ord and Gundam with Loran just about coming
 into collision, Gwen and Queen Diana come to stop it. At last, Sumo and
 Gundam brought Queen Diana into castle bostonia. <<<<
 I am not sure what they mean about the Militia interrupting the Sumo reach
 Diana. I am thinking that maybe the Militia is trying to stop the Sumo from
 approaching any further to the castle. OR else it is being attacked.
 way if anyone could explain what is really happening it would be great.

have you put these translations on a site yet? if yes can you give it to me?

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