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> Health concerns? Nail polish is being regulated by the FDA, while model
> paint is not... when we build kits we only make temporary contact with the
> paint itself, but once you paint it on your nail it stays with you 24 hours
> a day. Imagine eating finger food or fruits with some acrylic paint on all
> your nails.
> Eddie

For one thing, acrylic is ingestive. You have to drink a quart or more of
acrylic paint to poison yourself. I haven't heard of any long term affects
caused by ingesting plastic based paint through normal daily wear, but I'll
keep my ears open. The warning labels say do not ingest, but many painters
reshape their brushes (which you have to do a lot when using acrylics) with
their mouths. My bother swears by saliva as the best way to wet his brushes
during use.

I don't see the problem.

BTW, the nail polish I use isn't going on my nails, its going on my lead-free
white metal miniatures. Or one of my primed resin models.


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