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> how about La Cairum/La Kailum?? did rondo bell sink
> the neo-zion flag ship in the end of the CCA??

No, most of Neo-Zeon ships were destroyed, but the
command ship (with Char's aide/girlfriend Nanai Miguel
on the helm) was not destroyed.

> ...they r still using la kailum in F91!!

You are only half right. Both ships in CCA & F91
belong to the same "Cairum" class, but the one in CCA
(w/ Bright Noah as the skipper) is called "La Cairum",
while the one we saw in F91 is called "La Gustar".

> the gwazine has better stats..... but i was thinking
> a 1v1 pitch battle kind of thing........ if it is
> much bigger wont it be a easier target?? basically a
> broadside from the magellan will wreak the front
>(the magellan is only 7m longer than the width of the
> gwaden!!)

Gwazine is slow, but it carries 20 MS & Megellan
carries none, so that's the equalizer. Without the MS,
& if 2 ships are doing the good ol' mano-a-mano in
ancient times, I go with Gwazine.

> ...musai dont have any anti-air!!!! (in the game
> Gundam tactics) is it because they dont expect the >
> feds to have MS??

Think of the modern times: all the big aircraft
carrier & battleship has machinegun tarrets because
they are slow & not agile, so they are prone to mobile
attack by fighter aircrafts. The same applys to
Gwazine & Megellan in which they are prone to MS or MA
attacks (no matter how feeble the machine guns are);
lightweight cruisers can attack their targets quickly
w/ great demage, & in trouble they can leave in a
hurry as well. They are employed for "storm-trooper"
type attack, & btw Musais can carry MS so they don't
need the machine guns to counter Fed's spacecraft in
the early stage of the war.

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