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Just to let you know, the term "Japs" can be taken as derogatory and may
offend those of us with Japanese ancestry. I don't know if this was
intentional or not on your part, but please try to stay away from any
rascist nicknames in the future.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres

Dennis wrote:

> how about La Cairum/La Kailum?? did rondo bell sink the neo-zion flag
> ship in the end of the CCA?? i m a keen supporter of the feds!! n i
> hate to c those japs who try to show corruption, lack of tech
> etcetc.... they r still using la kailum in F91!!..... although the
> crossbone aint great..... remember when mx-07 shot the remaining of a
> jegan n sank the flagship?? what a load of cr*p....
> ok.... the gwazine has better stats..... but i was thinking a 1v1 pitch
> battle kind of thing........ if it is much bigger wont it be a easier
> target?? basically a broadside from the magellan will wreak the front
> (the magellan is only 7m longer than the width of the gwaden!!)
> i dont c any machine gun outside....... okok they might be hidden....
> by the point is musai dont have any anti-air!!!! (in the game Gundam
> tactics) is it because they dont expect the feds to have MS??
> thx...
> nice page Nightingale....... do u remember my SD gundam post?? do u
> have any clue???
> -
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