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I'll do my best. I don't understand Japanese, but I have the ep here.

> >>On the other hand, Militia was doing the operation of capturing Diana.
> the town, Militia interrupt MS Sumo reach to Diana. Gwen explained to
> that some of Militia is out of control of Gwen. And he decided to walk to
> castle. When the Sumo with Harry Ord and Gundam with Loran just about
> into collision, Gwen and Queen Diana come to stop it. At last, Sumo and
> Gundam brought Queen Diana into castle bostonia. <<<<
> I am not sure what they mean about the Militia interrupting the Sumo reach

> Diana. I am thinking that maybe the Militia is trying to stop the Sumo
> approaching any further to the castle. OR else it is being attacked.
> way if anyone could explain what is really happening it would be great.

Well, the negotiations are being arranged betwen the two factions. Queen
Diana has just arrived the episode before.

The local Militia tried to set up road blocks in protest, seemingly against
both Gwen and the Queen (who were traveling together in a car when the
Militia was first spotted). The Militia started attacking the Moon's suits,
Gwen and the Queen have left the car altogether. The Gold Sumo pilot tried
to find other ways around, and ended up facing the Turn A. They have a
standoff where neither decide to act first, then Gwen and the Queen arrive.
(When they first see her, they even seem to try to bow, but end up
headbutting each other's units! ^_^)

They end up escorting Queen Diana in the Sumo and the Turn A heads into the
countryside toward a group of Kapool.

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