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> r those Gwaden (Gwazine) much better than the
> magellans?? the fed BBs have a lot more guns but
> nearly every book i read thinks gwadens r better??
> so they have something special?? (eg. engine-
> therefore more power in gun.... or radar - much
> longer range than magellans??)

These are the spec for Gwazine and Megellan:

                 GWAZINE (Zeons) MEGELLAN (Feds)
Type: battleship battleship
Overall Length: 440m 327m
Overall Width: 320m 102m
Overall Height: 103m 96m
Full weight: 108,100 tons ???
Propulsion: rocket engine x 8 ???
       double main gun x 3; double main gun x 7
      double 2ndry gun x 10; double machinegun x 14
      155mm machinegun x many missile launcher x 4
MS capacity: 20 units none

In term of size, technical specs and so on, Gwazine
wins hand down, but for the Zeons, Gwazine is mainly a
battleship reserved for the top brass (e.g. Kishiria
Zabi) and for the royal families: Archduke Degin Zabi
was on a custom Gwazine en route to negotiate peace
with General Revil of the Feds, and they were
vaporized by Giren Zabi's Solar Ray, remember? Also,
in "Z Gundam", that upgraded Gwazine from the neo-Zeon
is the royal ship reserved for Haman Khan, its de
facto leader her puppet, Mineva Lao Zabi. Overall,
Gwazine is the command ship and only a limited number
of them were made, and the front-line battle duties
usually went to the "Tibe" heavy cruiser and the
versatile "Zanzibar" mobile cruiser. Whereas Megellan,
technically inferior than Gwazine it may be, faces the
nitty gritty all the time, and they were made in large
numbers. So, depends on how these 2 battleships are
employed, they are good in their specific role, with
Gwazine has an upper hand technically.

> i a newbie n i hope people dont find it a *stupid*
> question..... i do apologize if people think so.....
> i m kinda of frightened to post ques after those
> bitter posts........

Don't worry about that at all. Enjoy this ML :)

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