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If by Gwaden, you mean the Gwazin-class battleship...

The Zeon Gwazin-class battleship breaks out as follows...
Length: 440 m
Weight: 108,100 t
Armament: 3 dual main guns, 10 duel secondary guns, 155mm defense
MS capacity: 20-24

The Federation Magellan-class battleship...
Length: 327 m
Armament: 7 dual main guns, various defense laser cannons and missile
MS capacity: none

In my Gundam Silhouette gaming system, the Gwazin ends up with a Combat
Value of about 150% that of the Magellan. Though it has fewer main guns,
they are much larger. The secondary guns are almost as large as the
Magellan's main guns. Overall, the Gwazin is a good chunk more massive (35%
longer and with a broader shape). On top of that, it is newer, most likely
developed only a few years before the war, unlike the Federation fleet,
which IIRC was constructed during the 60s. And of course, much of its
strength lies in its MS wing, up to 24 strong.

Other relevant GunSil stats:
                   Gwaz Magl
Armor: 55 35
Maneuver: -6 -5
Main Gun damage: 14 11

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>From: Dennis <>
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>Subject: [gundam] Ships in 1YW
>Date: Thu, Aug 12, 1999, 1:42 AM

>r those Gwaden much better than the magellans?? the fed BBs have a lot
>more guns but nearly every book i read thinks gwadens r better?? so
>they have something special?? (eg. engine -therefore more power in
>gun.... or radar - much longer range than magellans??)
>i a newbie n i hope people dont find it a *stupid* question..... i do
>apologize if people think so.....
>i m kinda of frightened to post ques after those bitter posts........

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