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> Has anyone actually bought one of the MS in Action
> figures? If yes, are they worth buying. They are
> going for $12-$13 at two internet stores. I'll
> probably buy at least one to see how they are.
> Aaron

Here is a recent review (Aug 11) of the latest MS In
Action series, MS-07B "Gouf", from the
Chinese-language "Sun"
newspaper in Hong Kong (BIG5 encoding):

& basically this is their comments:

... compare to the previous Gundam & Zakus vinyl toys,
Gouf is much better made this time, all the weapons
are about the right size. Colouring and panel-lines
are highly detailed, with the out-of-(panel)line
problems being minimized. The kit comes with a
detachable whip, a shield, and the heat sabre. All the
joints are movable and with good degrees of freedom...

Notice the price listed at the bottom of the 2nd photo
is in HK Dollars, which is about US$7.05. I bought
mine at about US$6.15 (HK$48.00). And I'll say it
again: Get all 4 of them if they cost less than
US$10.00 each. They are very neat decos on my
tabletop. :)

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