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>Laquer does give you a shiny look, but the problem is I couldn't find any
>gold paint that has the luscious bright yellow tone. Most of them had this
>copper-ish tone and no matter how shiny you make it look, the color is still
>not close enough to the gold plating Bandai used on their BB Gundams.
>Which brand/type of gold paint did you use?

If you want it to be metallic gold, why not use real gold?

Gold leaf, I mean.

A little goes a long way. You can seal it with clear varnish or acrylic
and it'll last forever. I've seen the stuff applied to wood, plastic and
even leather with excellent results.

You can get it from jeweler's shops, millimeter thicknesses sandwiched
between vellum and transferable to surfaces the same way you apply decals.


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