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>> The chances are that Cima has a hidden facility somewhere to
>> retrofit the GT (great idea for Gundam games, BTW -- find the hidden base!)
>> or AE really did refit the GT to look like that.
>The problem with this is that Cima was not allowed any where near Axis. I
>would say that AE did the work.

Agreed. Cima Fleet had no facilities or base, just their ships and MS --
that's why they needed to join Delaz in the first place. After the War,
they were left to fend for themselves, being persona non grata with both
Axis and their former Zeon supporters because of their involvement in the
nerve-gas attacks that killed entire colonies at the outset of the War. It
was this abandonment and outlawry, along with the hypocrisy of the Zeon
instigators who made scapegoats out of the troops who carried out the
attacks, that led Cima to adopt her mercenary "Look Out For Number One"
attitude and betray Delaz to the Federation.

The likeliest scenario is that, prior to her visit to payoff Layzner for
the MA-06 Val Varo, Cima also made a deal with O'Sullivan to complete the
GP04 for her. O'Sullivan couldn't use any of the AE Gundam team for this,
because they'd've recognized it immediately and, like Nina, were presumably
too straitlaced or honest to go along with such a thing. He therefore
turned to the former Zeon engineers to complete the MS in secret, resulting
in the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra, which Cima picked up during her visit, paying
O'Sullivan from the same stash of gold that she used to pay Layzner.

The biggest question, then, is whether Cima paid off O'Sullivan with her
own gold or double-dealed Delaz (and short-changed Layzner) by buying the
AGX-04 with gold that was supposed to go for the MA-06.


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