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At 04:34 8/11/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Problem: no one did except for me. The GT thread went on long enough to
>make me pull out the official timeline. I can't believe even -Z- had it
>wrong, as he is Mr. I-Have-My-Books-To-Back-Everything-Up and is usually
>right on the money.

All I can say is that [a] Gundam 0083 is not at the top of my list of
favorites, so I'm not as up on it as those that are, and [b] you have to
admit that the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra seems to appear like a rabbit out of a
hat for no good reason.

I'll also have to plead guilty to making unwarranted assumptions. The
model number suggested an Axis MS, so that's how I mentally filed it. The
fact that it appears after the AMA-X2 Neue Ziel reinforced my first
impression enough that I never went and looked it up. Mea culpa.

AGX = Anaheim Gundam eXport ? (*_*);


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