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>Trust me, I don't research the shows even if you think I do. There are
>some freaks out there who can whip out the U.C. dates I've just wrote up
>from memory. It really scares me...

        If *you* don't research the shows as much as I think you do -- and
you have been watching the series from the 70s, about when it started -- you
can't really expect the newer fans, those who pick up in the last 10 years
to have as much information as you do. Sure, some of them freaked out and
went to do analysis for every aspect of the show (I still can't believe
people can actually give a scientific analysis of how the FZ can skate on
ice), but most of the rest are going to pick up the information as and when
they can.

        To me, I enjoy the shows, but I don't see MSes walking around in my
neighbourhood (though I wish) and even if the UC starts tomorrow, I'll still
be too old when the OYW starts to take part in it. Ultimately, Gundam is
still a (very well done) fantasy, hence I don't devote as much time as I
would to real life. =)

>I agree, but it also aggravates me when people toss around their 2 cents
>and appear to not have done the minimal homework at all. Spare me with
>no-thoughts-given opinions, because they are like assholes, everybody's

        Opinions based on lack of information can be annoying, but the list
is suppose to help correct misinformation. For example, someone might claim
that he love the look of the MG Zaku's cables, but only people who have done
the kit can tell him what a b!tch it was to put together. Definitely looks
nice, but a b!tch all the same. =)

        Opinions based on emotions, however, is a royal pain in the
posterior. "I like so-and-so", "NO, so-and-so is the best!" can get stale
pretty fast. NOI to anyone in the list..

        I don't think the opinions I gave were "no-thoughts-given", as I did
not know the time-frame and can only guess from what I remember from the
show. Misinformed, definitely, but no-thoughts? Hardly.

        No-thought will fall into the category of mails with the entire 50++
lines quoted, with a single line of response -- "yeah, me too" or some such.
Those are irritating, and deserved to get blown out of the water with the
biggest gun you can find.

        Honestly, on the ML it's a lot of give-and-take, with the older
members giving more than they take...

>distinguishes what -Z- posts from the mindless "Oh yeah, me too" posts
>that plagues this ML and drove away most old timers.
        I agree. Most of -Z-'s mails were actually worth reading..

>Well, it's good we settled this in a civilized way instead of starting a
>flame war... my apologies too, I had to vent a bit as you sure got me worked
>up enough to get off my busy ass and hit the books to type up the timeline.

        Yeah well.. I've seen flame wars.. and I don't have a fire
extingushier handy.. =P

>Sad indeed! You should have demanded to speak to the bookstore's manager
>or owner.

        There's a new, bigger Kino in town. I'll check it out before I start
special ordering.

>Problem: no one did except for me. The GT thread went on long enough to
>make me pull out the official timeline. I can't believe even -Z- had it
>wrong, as he is Mr. I-Have-My-Books-To-Back-Everything-Up and is usually
>right on the money.

        The GT thread wasn't really that long. In any case, it was an
interesting topic, just that none of the participants knew about the
existence of an "official" timeline for 0083. Really though, if everything
on the Gundam world is in black or white, there will be very little to
discuss on this ML..

        As for -Z-, hey, everyone makes mistakes. =)

        Incidentally, there seems to be a larger time interval than what the
timeline suggest. Maybe it's time I re-watch the show again.

>> Good idea, but it probably won't really reduce the "dumb" questions
>>that much.. Still, a good idea.
>Problem is, newbies don't do their homework by definition and will post
>whatever question comes to mind anyway.

        My point exactly. You can't *force* them to read it, so you'll just
have to live with it. =)

        Honestly speaking, newbies also raise questions that are
interesting, or just haven't been considered before. They can also do some
inane and extrememly funny stuff, so I'm willing to live with the little
aggravations that they bring.

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