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12 Aug 99 08:34:34 SGT

Edward Ju <> wrote:

>> I really don't know, because I have never purchased any VCD online. Last
year someone sent me the URL of an online VCD store, but they didn't carry any
Gundam titles.

sigh, i will have to give-in to the local store then! :( but at least i can
get an exchange if i don't like 'em.

>> Oh boy, we just went over this thread like last month. The consensus
seems to be that they weren't lovers until the producers decided they
should have a past romantic link later in the series.

My take is that she did recognize Gato when he stepped into the GP-02A's
cockpit. When Gato turned around after Nina warned him not to mess with
the Gundam, you can tell she was shocked by who she saw. She didn't tell
anyone about the identity of the hijacker probably because (1) she wasn't
100% sure it was Gato, and (2) admission to such a link could jeopardize
her chance to stay aboard the Albion.


but why didn't Gato himself remember her? don't tell me he is cold-
hearted enough to not even frown or be surprised? oh well, since u guys have
discussed this topic earlier, i will check the archeive of last month...

peng soon

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