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12 Aug 99 08:22:47 SGT

Edward Ju <> wrote:

>> The Dom has finer details in its interior assembly compared to the Super
Gundam. Like I said, the MG Super Gundam's fatal flaw is, ironically enough,
in the G Defensor itself: the Mk-II has problem balancing when combined with
the G Defensor, and the fact that the G Defensor is not of comparable quality
to the MG Mk-II in terms of details and even the plastic used for it (they
almost looked like the kind of plastic used for Academy kits, shivers). Oh,
did I mention that you get a pilot figure with the MG Dom too, but no figure
comes with the Super Gundam?

okay, maybe the DOM has better details and a figure, i dunno, but the Super
Gundam's details is not bad either! [and if you want to count, don't forget
that the G-Defencor has a pilot figure too beside the one in Mk-II! teehee]
and as for balancing of the Super Gundam, take a look at my old page here

>> You will see how tiny the arms are on the huge MS. It's not like the
GP-02A has to make proportions concessions for transformation needs or


really? hmm, haven't really looked at the GP-02A... i probably will fix-post
it once i am done with it.

peng soon

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