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> >Incidentally, I've been monitoring the bids on these VCDs...
> >
> >The prices set are usually the typical price for the VCD sets.....in
> >Singapore $. However, ebay uses US$, so as you can guess that
> >making a huge profit with every sale. I remember seeing his Z boxed
> >going for US$70 before!!!
> That's insane! Were those licensed or pirated? I know the pirated
> go for a buck per disc, dunno how much the licensed ones go for
> also I dunno why so many people bid on those VCDs, as they are subbed
> Chinese, not English.

Well, I have two cardinal rules when it comes to bidding on VCDs. 1) I
bid on it if it starts over $10. 2) I stop bidding at $25. The closer the
final bids
come to $25, the greater the chance I will stop bidding on the VCD. So
far, I've
won 3 VCDs like this, and it works out great for my budget. Funny thing
is, I
won my F-91 VCD because the official winner was some jerk/idiot who
jumped his bid in at the very last minute, not realizing what he was
on. You can imagine my surprise when the seller wrote me up asking if I
be willing to take the VCD for the winning bid, but without any shipping.
Can you say that I jumped?

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