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> I enjoy building kits, and I enjoy watching the
> I don't go out of the way to research the shows as
> much as some of you do. When people talk about the
> shows, and discuss possible subplots within the
> shows, I add my 2 cents' worth. Even if I am wrong
> (as was the case), at least I try to keep all my
> mails on topic. But it still isn't grounds to say
> that I should stay quiet and not say anything --
> is a discussion, and it's good for misconceptions to

> be ironed out. (damnit, I'm starting to sound like
> lecturer..)
> (As an aside, I find it even more aggrevating as I
> keep quiet on subjects I have absolutely no idea on
> -- like the recent discussions on MG/HG kits, or
> -- but when I do join in a discussion about a series

> I liked, I got told to keep quiet.)
> Anyway, I probably did come across as a bit too
> aggressive. My apologies.

Hey, buddy, no need to apologize. I know how you feel.

Just remember this: "One kind of rice feeds a hundred
kinds of people", so get used to it. We are grown-ups,
and there's no need to get angry for this. I agree
that asking questions is good, knowing that "no
mountain is too high". It's always good to hear from /
be enlightened by other fellow Gundam fans on a
variety of subjects.

> I know how you feel, but why not apply your own
> advise: don't say anything. After all, there are
> others who are willing to point them towards the
> right direction. Even if it does get annoying. =)

Most of the ppl on this ML are logical regarding this,
so rest assure that there will always someones who are
more than happy to throw in their logical, educated 2
cents to spice up our diccussions. Relax !!

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
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