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11 Aug 99 22:30:39 SGT

Edward Ju <> wrote:

>> That's insane! Were those licensed or pirated? I know the pirated ones go
for a buck per disc, dunno how much the licensed ones go for though... also I
dunno why so many people bid on those VCDs, as they are subbed in Chinese, not

so, where could one get licensed VCDs online? i saw a local store in Malaysia
selling Z-Gundam VCD set for RM180(less than US$50). i have no idea if it is
legal or not, since i read somewhere that the tv series was not released in
VCD format. i checked asiavcddvd, and they are not cheap at all!

>> There's another trick used by this seller from California who is currently
dumping 0083 VCD boxsets: he starts with a price that appeared decent, but if
you read the fine print, he's charging people $12 bucks on shipping "to cover
the initial shipping from Asia"! What a nice bait and switch tactic...

I wonder how many bidders were tricked.


i saw some even starts the bid at US$50!

now, maybe this question has been answered numerous times, but i could not
find it in the FAQ: why didn't Nina recognizes Gato when he was stealing
GP-02A? aren't he suppose to be her past lover or something?

peng soon

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