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11 Aug 99 22:12:24 SGT

Edward Ju <> wrote:
>> Well, since I did not include the MG Dom in either list, it is in that
middle ground/grey area where it all depends on personal preference and
arguments can be made for either side.

True, so true, Super Gundam is one of my favorite design...

>> The Super Gundam is basically a 2,800 yen Mk-II with a G-Defensor priced at
1,400 yen. I suggest you take a look at the parts for the G Defensor. They
are less detailed and the plastic used for it appears of lesser quality too.
Not to mention the G Defensor by itself is not as exciting as a humanoid MS
capable of dramatic poses or holding cool weapons.

...and i could not imagine the G-Defencor as a humanoid and partner it with
Mk-II! :)

>> The Dom, on the other hand, comes with accessories galore, and all five
fingers are capable of independent action, unlike other MG kits. If you like
the mecha design, then it's a very good buy.

But I don't think it has more plastics than the Super Gundam, right? 3500yen
to 3700 yen would be a better deal...

>> Note that all 3 4,000 yen MG kits are of the same box size. The GP-02A has
very nice details, but its mechanical design left a lot to be desired
because the arm was too weak to hold that big and heavy shield.


well, i am not surprised, the GP-02A is HUGE! but i probably will get this
kit and the DOM, too.

peng soon

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