garrick lee (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 21:34:42 PHT

>I agree, but it also aggravates me when people toss around their 2 cents
>and appear to not have done the minimal homework at all. Spare me with
>no-thoughts-given opinions, because they are like assholes, everybody's
>got one and I don't really care what yours look like if you have no hard
>facts or a damn good reason to back up what you say... this is what
>distinguishes what -Z- posts from the mindless "Oh yeah, me too" posts
>that plagues this ML and drove away most old timers.

*oomph* :P

catching up on the archives takes some doing, and sometimes, us newbies
gotta have the answers. (lookit this way -- what much difference does it
make for a regular or old-timer to post the usual reply or to point the
newbie to the right spot in the archives? either ways, it takes just one
email/response. either that, or most don't bother to respond.)

>Gundam-wise, not really. I've been watching since the original series in
>the late 70s, unlike most people here.

eddie, you're an old fart! (j/k)
gee, i was *born* in the late 70's...('77 to be exact).

as to the newbies-with-recurring-questions...well, all i have to say is that
it really depends on the particular culture of the mailing list or online
forum. while i'm a newbie here, there are other forums i'm an "old timer"
of. and there, we welcome newbies (questions, silly or not, and all)
without any issues. dead horses are gladly resurrected to be gladly beaten
again (to stetch the analogy...)

and i was about to ask what the opinion (not information) is on g-gundam
(the series, not the mechs :P). it's kicking off next week in the
philippines, taking over for g-wing.


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