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>>> Yes, I can read, I just don't have access to the book! It's not easy
>>>for me to get books in my city.. not to mention the rates..
>>Hmmm... I guess you don't have any Japanese bookstore in your city? That
>>can't be... it's Singapore, where people dump Gundam VCDs on eBay on a daily

Incidentally, I've been monitoring the bids on these VCDs...

The prices set are usually the typical price for the VCD
Singapore $. However, ebay uses US$, so as you can guess that person's
making a huge profit with every sale. I remember seeing his Z boxed set
going for US$70 before!!!

I tried bidding on his items before and asked him about it, since I'm also
from Singapore. He said all his prices are in US$. Sheesh.

Be warned...

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