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>Hmmm... I don't think the GML archive's URL is "privileged information", and
>no one charges a fee for access. Mark Simmon's Gundam Project site and
>Burke's Mecha Domain also should have enough information to keep people busy
>reading, including the Gundam Timeline.

        Yes, they are free sites, and the people responsible did great jobs.
        I enjoy building kits, and I enjoy watching the OVAs. I don't go out
of the way to research the shows as much as some of you do. When people talk
about the shows, and discuss possible subplots within the shows, I add my 2
cents' worth. Even if I am wrong (as was the case), at least I try to keep
all my mails on topic. But it still isn't grounds to say that I should stay
quiet and not say anything -- this is a discussion, and it's good for
misconceptions to be ironed out. (damnit, I'm starting to sound like my

        (As an aside, I find it even more aggrevating as I do keep quiet on
subjects I have absolutely no idea on -- like the recent discussions on
MG/HG kits, or Wing -- but when I do join in a discussion about a series I
liked, I got told to keep quiet.)

        Anyway, I probably did come across as a bit too aggressive. My

>> Yes, I can read, I just don't have access to the book! It's not easy
>>for me to get books in my city.. not to mention the rates..
>Hmmm... I guess you don't have any Japanese bookstore in your city? That
>can't be... it's Singapore, where people dump Gundam VCDs on eBay on a daily

        Pure Japanese bookstores, no, not really. Kino has about the most,
uhm, extensive collection there is here, and even then I still can't get
Gundam Mechanics II from them. Other books, well, they don't always have..
In fact, I didn't really see any new stuff the last time I went down. I
asked about ordering once, but the salesgirl there went "uh, I don't know". Sad.

>Sorry man, I do get tired of hearing newbies asking the same thing over
>and over, especially on topics that have been archived. Speaking of which,

        Newbies won't be newbies if they don't ask questions, and they can't
shed the newbie image until they get answers. We had that problem with our
local gaming group -- we shunned newbies -- and we are paying the price for
that now. What's more, weren't you a newbie once upon a time?

        I know how you feel, but why not apply your own advise: don't say
anything. After all, there are others who are willing to point them towards
the right direction. Even if it does get annoying. =)

>I think either Jason or Aaron is making a FAQ for the GML for the newbies'
>benefit, maybe this should be included as well - a list of free online
>resources to consult before hitting the ML with another recurring post.

        Good idea, but it probably won't really reduce the "dumb" questions
that much.. Still, a good idea.

>That moron who tried to get off the GML with a rude post was the last straw,
>and you had the misfortune of coming up right after him...

        <drily> Thanks a lot. If you really want to see morons, there was
this guy on another ML who posted the good ole Happy99.. twice.

        Please try to keep your anger directed. As it is, this should
probably have ended up in your private mail box, but there are pertinent
points to the rest of the ML too..

        I'll write this off as you having a bad day -- I'm having a horror
of one here too.. My apologies.

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