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>At 02:53 110899 -0700, you wrote:
>>Well, people who can't be bothered to look up the archive or the appropriate
>>references probably should stay quiet in the first place.
> Hey, people don't have the same amount of references, or know the
>URL as you do. As you said yourself, you have been on this list for a long
>time, and I haven't. It's unfair for you to assume that everyone has the
>same resources as you do.

Hmmm... I don't think the GML archive's URL is "privileged information", and
no one charges a fee for access. Mark Simmon's Gundam Project site and
Burke's Mecha Domain also should have enough information to keep people busy
reading, including the Gundam Timeline.

>>Yes, these books offer more than just pretty pictures printed in full color,
>>if you can read.
> Yes, I can read, I just don't have access to the book! It's not easy
>for me to get books in my city.. not to mention the rates..

Hmmm... I guess you don't have any Japanese bookstore in your city? That
can't be... it's Singapore, where people dump Gundam VCDs on eBay on a daily

> Look, I don't mean to sound ignorant, but I simply don't have the
>books or resources that you have access to. But that doesn't mean you should
>judged me as you did. This is a ML, right? It's okay by me to have this kind
>of returning discussions -- I've been through the GW cycle too, in the time
>I was here. This was the first time as far as I can remember that this topic
>came out, so I don't know certain things!
>Lim Jyue

Sorry man, I do get tired of hearing newbies asking the same thing over
and over, especially on topics that have been archived. Speaking of which,
I think either Jason or Aaron is making a FAQ for the GML for the newbies'
benefit, maybe this should be included as well - a list of free online
resources to consult before hitting the ML with another recurring post.
That moron who tried to get off the GML with a rude post was the last straw,
and you had the misfortune of coming up right after him...


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