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>At 22:46 100899 -0700, you wrote:
>>I thought the implication was rather obvious - after all, she DID ditch
>>her kick-ass Gelgoog Marine for the GT after leaving Von Braun, and we know
>>that the GT was manufactured by AE.
> You said it yourself : implication. We don't know exactly, though
>I'll say she probably got the entire MS. =) Or at least, the internals; her
>own crew probably slapped whatever armour they have on hand to it and
>painted it cherry red. =)
>>You think an advance fleet has the facilities to manufacture a custom-order
>>MS within the timeframe, which was literally days if not less?
> Just what IS the timeframe between Cima's departure and the
>apparence of the GT? AFAIK there is a sizable gap; after all, Gato haven't
>gotten around to vapourizing the navy.
>>I thought it was settled years ago on the GML that the GT was already
>>finished at AE and was handed over to Cima because it was ready to go.
>>Too bad most old timers have left already...
> Well, I wasn't here years ago; You can expect these kind of
>questions to come back up every generation or so. =) Hi Gramps! =P
>Lim Jyue

Well, people who can't be bothered to look up the archive or the appropriate
references probably should stay quiet in the first place.

Gundam Timeline:

0083-11-02 Albion arrives the Moon city of Von Braun
0083-11-03 Cima arrives Von Braun in a disguised communications ship
0083-11-04 Albion leaves the Moon
0083-11-10 Naval review ruined by the GP-02A's nuke
0083-11-11 Gato accepts the Neue Ziel from Axis advance fleet, GP-03 is
                launched into action, the course for the colony drop changed
0083-11-12 GP-03 engages the Neue Ziel, operation to stop colony drop
0083-11-13 Colony dropped on North America
0083-11-23 Martial court proceedings began for personnel involved in the
                "Delaz conflict"

So, if all Cima got was the plans on 0083-11-04 (the same time Albion takes
off from the moon - remember how she ditched that pilot in a Zaku II because
of his BIG MOUTH and he justly got killed by Kelly), she had exactly a week
to have the mobile suit built from scratch, despite the lack of resources
among the Delaz Fleet, not to mention the Feds like the Albion crew hunting
you down.

Better yet, on page 45 of the same book, you have a full page feature of
the Gerbera Tetra, including background info, which CLEARLY says that it
was built by the mostly ex-Zeon Corps engineers and was later given to Cima
by AE president O'Sullivan during their secret meeting, and how the suit was
cleverly disguised so as to allow Cima to smuggle it out without being
detected by the Feds.

Yes, these books offer more than just pretty pictures printed in full color,
if you can read.

Now does that settle it or what?


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