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Dyar wrote:

>technological (as opposed to a storyline) "bridge" between the RX-78 and
>the RX-178, look to the RX-78 NT-1 Gundam G-4 "Alex" -- it was designed
>specifically to fill that niche.

And don't forget the RGM-79Q GM Qwell, too. Its arms and legs design
shares some similiraty with the Mk-II (Katoki's good move). Where can
you find it? Easy. Just watch the epilogue footages from OVA episode
#13. Or take a look at 'Data Collection: ZG Titans Edition', pg.4.
(MS Encyclopedia 98 doesn't have it. Heck with it!)

>The RX-78 Gundam was designed by Kunio Okawara circa 1979.

For your information, the idea on its famous face mask and tricolor scheme
was suggested by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, according to his interview with G20
(vol.4, pg.18). Funny thing is, these two elements were also succeeded to
Turn-A design, although it throw out all other elements done by Okawara.
(except for some minimal details like two beam-saber, etc... :)

>The RX-78 GP04 Gundam Gerbera Tetra was designed by Mika Akitaka for Model
>Graphix circa 1992.

Strange. I heard that it first appeared on the pages of GUNDAM WEAPONS 3,
published by Hobby Japan, not MGX... but that's not that important anyway.

-Sunwook 'reading wild' Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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