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>I thought the implication was rather obvious - after all, she DID ditch
>her kick-ass Gelgoog Marine for the GT after leaving Von Braun, and we know
>that the GT was manufactured by AE.

        You said it yourself : implication. We don't know exactly, though
I'll say she probably got the entire MS. =) Or at least, the internals; her
own crew probably slapped whatever armour they have on hand to it and
painted it cherry red. =)

>You think an advance fleet has the facilities to manufacture a custom-order
>MS within the timeframe, which was literally days if not less?

        Just what IS the timeframe between Cima's departure and the
apparence of the GT? AFAIK there is a sizable gap; after all, Gato haven't
gotten around to vapourizing the navy.

>I thought it was settled years ago on the GML that the GT was already
>finished at AE and was handed over to Cima because it was ready to go.
>Too bad most old timers have left already...

        Well, I wasn't here years ago; You can expect these kind of
questions to come back up every generation or so. =) Hi Gramps! =P

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