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> Actually, I don't think we ever saw the GT being handed over to Cima
>as a mobile suit -- the AE rat only said an MS as payment for ... IIRC not
>causing trouble in the city or compensation for the lower treatment Cima
>recieved. It could be a half-finished MS, or specs for a MS.
> Alternatively, it's possible that AE gave Cima the specs/body for
>the GT, and then Cima passed it on to Axis for construction/re-construction.
>After all, Cima and Delaz don't trust each other -- Cima probably had hidden
>supporters in Axis.
> However, this does raise the question - if Cima has passed on the
>specs, why didn't Axis build more of them?
> The chances are that Cima has a hidden facility somewhere to
>retrofit the GT (great idea for Gundam games, BTW -- find the hidden base!)
>or AE really did refit the GT to look like that.

possibility #1:

Cima bought/was given a "proof of concept" suit, to which she added on
armor of Zeonic design, as well as armaments, conceivably modifying it a
little bit.

possibility #2:

Cima bought/was given plans for it, which she sent to a hitherto unknown
production facility...which was not known by Delaz, and has strangely not
produced any other copies of the GT as it is. One could argue that she
killed the whole facility just to keep it a secret, but it doesn't fit in
with any sort of logic she may have. Why destroy a perfectly good facility
just to keep ONE robot's construction a secret?

possibility #3:

She bought/was given the whole damn suit, period.

possibility #4:

She bought/was given the plans, and she and her technicians built it.
UH-uh, not very plausible., since her fleet doesn't seem to be that
well-stocked in terms of construction equipment for MS's. Maintenance,
yes, but construction is a whole different thing entirely.

personally, I go for either #1 or #3.

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