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> Actually, I don't think we ever saw the GT being handed over to Cima
> as a mobile suit -- the AE rat only said an MS as payment for ... IIRC not
> causing trouble in the city or compensation for the lower treatment Cima
> recieved. It could be a half-finished MS, or specs for a MS.
> Alternatively, it's possible that AE gave Cima the specs/body for
> the GT, and then Cima passed it on to Axis for
> After all, Cima and Delaz don't trust each other -- Cima probably had
> supporters in Axis.
> However, this does raise the question - if Cima has passed on the
> specs, why didn't Axis build more of them?
> The chances are that Cima has a hidden facility somewhere to
> retrofit the GT (great idea for Gundam games, BTW -- find the hidden base!)
> or AE really did refit the GT to look like that.

The problem with this is that Cima was not allowed any where near Axis. I
would say that AE did the work.


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