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> > I have actually seem a line drawing of GP-04 in one of the gundam
> > books. I have to say that it doesn't look like Gebera Tetra at all.
> I've compared a picture of each, and they don't look like each other.
> they shouldn't look like each other anyway. The GP04 was a concept to
> go anywhere, while the Gerbera Tetra was built in secret using off

Actually, they are the same suit, just a different exterior. From what I
internally the GT is a Gundam. Supposedly, it has a Gundam's engines,
electronics, and avionics. Only the exterior was given a distinctly
Zeonic look.
All they did to make the GP-04 the GT was remove the distinctly Gundam
and replaced it with off the shelf Zeonic armor.

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