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>>It was established in dialogue that the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra was
>>constructed by Axis engineers
>What is your source on them being Axis engineers instead of Zeon engineers?
>The Axis faction fled the colonies surrounding earth after Zeon lost the
>One Year War and did not return until the AEUG conflicts in Zeta.

I assumed that, since the AMA-X2 Neue Ziel came from Axis by way of the
Advance Fleet, the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra did, too. This was reinforced by
the fact that both have model numbers that begin with "A" -- indicative, in
the past, of Axis (and, subsequently, Neo-Zion) origin. The Delaz Fleet
didn't appear to have the means of production for something so advanced,
given that their only recently manufactured MS was the jerryrigged MS-21C
Dra-C. And, although Cima Fleet had technicians to repair and maintain the
Gelgoogs, I just couldn't see them making something like that on their own.


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