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>Is there any connection between GP04 and MKII any way?

None that I am aware of.

>I posted a message
>earlier that said the two serves as a connection between 0083 and Z Gundam,
>but after reading the posts, I realize they might not even come from the
>same productor in the stories.

Nope. Although chronologically 0083 happens before Zeta, Zeta Gundam was
actually produced and released years before 0083. In fact, the GP-04 wasn't
even a released design from 0083. What you see was an extracted design
from the model building community. I don't really see its similarity to
the Mk-II, however, due to the sexy curves.

>If my earlier prediction is wrong, why do
>the two Gundams looks awfully similar to each other?

GP-04: curvy, futuristic
Mk-II: blocky, old school RX-78-2 based design

Again, I don't really see any similarity, unless you introduce the Turn-A
for comparision, then yeah, these two are similar.

>If there is no reason,
>can someone at least give me some detail info about the two Gundams? (By
>"info," I mean things like when they are being produced, who produced them,
>etc not which series they appear or who pilot them)

The Mk-II was produced in-house by the Titans during the early phase of the
AEUG-Titans-Axis conflict, whereas the GP-04 was designed by ex-Zionic Corps
engineers who were employed by Anaheim Electronics after the One Year War.
The GP-04 was never made because the Feds didn't want it, and it was
converted into the Gerbera Tetra, which was later "given" to Cima by AE.
Since the Titans wiped off all records pertaining to the GP project,
chances are the blueprints for the GP-04, even if the Feds had it, was gone,
so there is no way the Mk-II could have been based on the GP-04's design.
If you look at the performance stats, you will also see the two are nothing


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