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>I've seen several mentions/hints that the Gebera Tetra from 0083 is the
>Gundam GP-04...
>Anyone care to clue me in?? :-)

This should be in the Archives somewhere, but briefly:

It was established in dialogue that the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra was
constructed by Axis engineers from specs for the never-commissioned RX-78
GP04 Gundam Gerbera Tetra that Cima Garahau cleared from Anaheim
Electronics assistant director O'Sullivan. (The Federation either gave up
on the GP04 before it got past the specification stage or ran out of money
to pay for it -- money that Cima was more than happy to supply in the form
of untraceable gold bars.) Built by Zeon engineers using Axis materials,
the resulting AGX-04 owed little to the original AE design in terms of
looks. Mecha designer Mika Akitaka subsequently developed his own artist's
conception of what the GP04 might've looked like had it ever actually been
commissioned by the Federation and built by AE. This design appeared in
Model Graphix, if I recall correctly, and scans of it have turned up at
various times and places on the Internet. It was later used as the basis
for a kitbash/scratchbuilt model in Hobby Japan and, later still, appeared
on the cover of Gundam Weapons 3.


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