James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 07:41:04 -0700

>>I keep seeing a pic of the GM sniper along with the recent models like the
>>Dom and the turn A kits.
>Where did you see it? Bandai is done with the 08th MS Team kits, if the
>GM Sniper from the series is coming out as a kit, it'd have to be a B-Club
>resin kit. If you saw the photo in Hobby Japan or Dengeki Hobby, it's a

Aug '99 Hobby Japan pg. 223. in the photos from the Shizuoka Hobby show
section next to the Waddom there is a GM sniper.

>>Does this mean Bandai is planning to release a kit
>>of the sniper? It would be ridiculously easy to make, just add a gun and
>>change the kit color. I'd buy one.
>Add and change from which kit?! It's not the same as the GM Sniper Custom
>from MSV, and totally different from a regular GM...

But the 08th ms GM sniper is just a regular RGM-79(G) painted green and
given a new gun. I don't see any other changes.


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