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If I remember correctly (highly doubtful), the only red part that needed to be
painted on Shin Matsunaga's MS-06R-1 was the heat hawk. There was a whole tree
of other red parts, but they weren't used in the kit. They look like parts from
the MS-06S or Johnny Ridden's Zaku II.

PS...the Zaku II cables bite the big one.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres

Edward Ju wrote:

> MS-06R-1 Shin Matsunaga's High Mobility Zaku II: this white variant is based
> off the MS-06S/F/J mold and comes with vernier-enhanced legs for high
> performance space combat. Weapons are the same as the MS-06S, IIRC. Some
> parts came in red even though they all should have come in light grey/white,
> so some painting is required.

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