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> The answer is no: in episode 10 ("The Vibrating
> Mountain" Part 1)". There is a scene in which the

Doesn't "The Trembling Mountain" translates better?

> > Why is the AsparasIII(sp?) shown exiting a pool of
> > water as it leaves the mountain crater. Earlier on
> it
> > was in a hanger, no water in sight. What's going on?
> Think of it as an alternate version of Mazinger Z's
> "swimming pool" base. The Zeon base was built deep
> down under the mineral mountain, and natural resources
> can be used as decoys for the base. In this case,
> water can be artifically pumped (or naturally present)
> inside the mountain to disguise the hangar underneath.
> In the previous episode, certain base outlets were
> built nearby the city so a single jump by the Gouf
> Custom (from the elevator) it's already on top of a
> city's building. An existing municipal structures are
> also perfectly good disguise for the base, too.

Also another reason why the base was there in the first place must be the
exotic mineral needed to build the MA. Remember Zeon is on Earth for one
thing only, plundering. And if you are going to build a base to construct
experimental MA, might as well as put it as close to the source material as


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