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> I keep seeing a pic of the GM sniper along with the
> recent models like the Dom and the turn A kits. Does

> this mean Bandai is planning to release a kit
> of the sniper? It would be ridiculously easy to
> make, just add a gun and change the kit color. I'd
> buy one.

That's unlikely. Although we saw a (prototype) kit of
08's GM Sniper on display at the Shizuoka Show, Bandai
has no intention to release it, certainly not this
year. After all, the 1:144 kit bash of GM Sniper
(shown on the 06/99 issue of Hobby Japan magazine) can
be make w/ RGM-79(G) GM kit, and modellers are
expected to do this. This sounds awful, but Bandai
just won't bother to make a tool for that sniper gun.
Being a fan of the "08th MS Team", I would love to see
not just the GM Sniper as model kit, but all the
mechas appeared on the show, including Dom, Guntank,
Zaku Cannon, Zaku Tank, Gelgoog, Aggai, and the
Apsaras series. That's not going to happen with
regular scaled plastic injection kits, but you can get
most of them as B-Club's resin kits.

> In the 08th ms video is there only one sniper? (the
> lone wolf)

The answer is no: in episode 10 ("The Vibrating
Mountain" Part 1)". There is a scene in which the
mobile Fed base was guided by four GM Sniper; in
episode 11, one of the GM Sniper is responible for
shooting down the escaping "Kergeren" cruiser, while
the other unit was ordered to snipe at the Apsaras III
and anyone who try to destroy it (i.e. Shiroh's
"Gundam Ez8")

> Why is the AsparasIII(sp?) shown exiting a pool of
> water as it leaves the mountain crater. Earlier on
> was in a hanger, no water in sight. What's going on?

Think of it as an alternate version of Mazinger Z's
"swimming pool" base. The Zeon base was built deep
down under the mineral mountain, and natural resources
can be used as decoys for the base. In this case,
water can be artifically pumped (or naturally present)
inside the mountain to disguise the hangar underneath.
In the previous episode, certain base outlets were
built nearby the city so a single jump by the Gouf
Custom (from the elevator) it's already on top of a
city's building. An existing municipal structures are
also perfectly good disguise for the base, too.

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