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> Hey all...
> I just finished 0083, and I have a few questions..
> 1. Why did the soon-to-be-Titan Feddie group let the colony so close to
> earth..I understand that they meant to destroy it but failed. Why did
> they let the colony even get that close?

IMHO, it was arrogance on the parts of Collini and Hyman. They thought
that Solar System 2 was going to destroy the colony, and that Cima was
going to be able to keep Delars' forces busy long enough to cover them.
A tragic miscalculation.

> 2. Why did the Zeon choose to hit the N.American wheat fields instead
> of Jabrow? To make the Earth less habitable and encourage migration to
> space?

IIRC, it WAS aimed at Jaburo. The Solar System diverted it's course
enough that it moved it off target.
> Any help would be appreciated...
> Brian
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