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Hey Matt,
From one model builder to another, go with the PG rx78. Lot more fun. Just
don't do a rush job.
I believe Scott has one for sale from his monster order from HLJ. Scott, do
you still have it?
Gus Jae
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> Hello everyone, well i guess I'm a newbie here and I was thinking about
> purchasing a perfect grade. But here's the dilemna, I'm not sure whether
> should purchase the RX-78 Gundam or the Zaku. I've seen pictures of both,
> and I'm leaning toward the Zaku, because the Gundam doesn't seem to have
> panel lines on it and looks a little like a big toy to me. Anyways I just
> wanted to ask the people on this list which they prefer and why. Thanks
> advance.
> p.s. if i was to order one of the PGs from Rainbow Ten or HLJ, anybody
> an idea what the shipping would be, I found a place in the bay area that
> sells them for $140.00, which would be a better option, thanks!
> ~Matt
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