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> i was wondering if the Gundam perfect grade had a lot of detail on the
> panels i.e. panel lines and whatnot. I know the interior endo-skeleton is
> greatly detailed and i was just wondering if the exterior has the same
> of detail.

Both the Gundam and the Zaku II have the same level of external detail. The
Gundam has little more internal detail than the Zaku, but a lot of that has
to do with the Core Block Fighter/Engine Block.

If I had to pick between the two of them, I'd have to say that enjoyed
building the Gundam more because I built the Zaku first. I'm quite sure that
if I had built the Zaku second, then I would have ended up liking it more. It
was building the first kit that was such a shock, leaving the second, and
hopefully the rest, as being much easier to build. And therefore, more fun.


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