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>> I just the Zaku FZ kit yesterday it doesn't look very impressive.
>> Poseability seems limited based on the pictures on the box and the
>> instruction booklet. I'm also disappointed with the lack of weapons;
>> only one gun and no other goodies. Other than that, it looks
>> lie a pretty straight forward kit to construct. Is there anything I
>> should watch out for?
>NOT PRETTY IMPRESSIVE? imho, that's the best zaku ever! use the
>alternate german-helmet head, and paint it like a tank..
>because of the curves, if u paint it well enough, people will mistake
>it for a die-cast model! :) :) :)

        Compared to other existing Zaku kits, it's one of the best in the scale
range (1/144). It's definitely more poseable than the usual, specially
when it comes to the feet (which is problematic even in the 08th MS
version). The german helmet is nice, and the only complaint I have about
it really is that i had to change the hands to opening-grip type ones for
use with a lot of other stuff. Other than that, it's perfectly fine!

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