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>Hi ! Please, could someone answer some questions for me ?

Disclaimer: I haven't seen the original Gundam series, only the compilation
movies and several hundred pages of Japanese-language manga and reference
material. Some of this what follows is educated guesswork.

>1 - Were and how was employed the YMS-15 Gann ? What happened to it ?

Ma Kube uses it to duel the Gundam in the Texas Colony in (I believe)
Episode 37: Skirmish in Texas. These scenes were cut from the movie
version, but the mines scattered from the Gann's shield are still there,
even if the Gann isn't.

>2 - Were and how was employed the MAN-03 Brawbro ? What happened to it ?

This was the Monster of the Week in Episode 39: Newtype Sharya Bull, where
it went against the Gundam under the command of former Jupiter Energy Fleet
pilot Sharya Bull. This took place just after the reunion of Char and
Sayla (Episode 38) and just prior to Lalar Sun's foray in the MAN-08 Elmeth
(Episode 40).

>3 - Were and how was employed the MA-05 Bygro ? What happened to it ?

This was the Monster of the Week for either Episode 28: Atlantic Ocean,
Dyed With Blood or Episode 29: Death In Jaburo. Another hotshot Zeon pilot
goes up against the Gundam in a one-off MA.

>4 - Did the G-Armor appeared in the original TV series ? How was it
>employed ? Who flew it ? What happened to it ?

Yes. The G-Armor was a "tinkertoy" recombination of Gundam parts. Amuro
flew in the middle section, which could be reconstituted as the Gundam
when, as they almost always did, the circumstances required. The forward
section was the G-Bull, which was pretty much a non-humanoid Guntank. The
aft section was the G-Fighter, a beefed-up Core Booster. I don't know who
piloted what, but someone on the list said that Sayla Mass piloted the
G-Bull and she's seen to pilot the Core Booster in the movies.


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