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>A thought just hit me. Isn't the Gundam made out of Lunar Titanium
>Therefore, it wouldn't be that big of a push to just make the shield out
>of the
>same material. Even so, doesn't this mean that all Gundams are
>radiation shielded?

The Gundam and its shield are both made from Lunar Titanium, but that only
means that the shield is light in weight while having high tensile strength
and a very high melting point. It will withstand high temperatures and
impact, but it's not a very good shield against hard radiation (x-rays,
gamma rays, etc.).

Lunar Titanium makes the Gundam a much more mobile Mobile Suit, because it
can have the same or higher armor protection factor with the weight (mass)
penalty. You get the strength of steel with the weight of aluminum, as it
were, so you can either put on more protection at the same weight or the
same protection at substantially less weight than the competition.

The GP02 shield is as thick as it is because it contains a large volume of
some material or other that is used to block hard radiation. The venting
of steam that follows it being punctured, along with the statement that it
contains the cooling system for the MS, suggests that the shield is a shell
containing a circulating fluid that absorbs radiation and dissipates heat.


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