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Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:19:08 -0700

>I was just thinking about this. Is there any Gundam's that have had a bad
>and no MG kit, that deserve the new HG treatment? I'm sure there is. I like
>the MG's a lot, but I'd love to have new HG's of the Gundam's that deserve
>better kits, then what they already have, meaning non MG'ed Gundam's, of

While it has gotten the MG treatment, I think the GM deserves the HG
treatment as well. High Grade engineering, and LOTS of goodies to go with
it. The GM's always been one of the more under-appreciated models.

There's also the Hizak. This bastard child of Federal and Zeon engineering
has been released as two lousy kits(1/144&1/100), and I think the HG
treatment would do wonders for the Hizak's reputation.

And, as always, I wanna see a new Marasai kit!


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